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Harira: Home-made lentil soup.leaf denoting vegetarian dish

Hummus & Pita Bread & Olives: Served throughout the Middle East and North Africa, this pureed garbanzo bean appetizer is flavored with garlic, olive oil, and lemon.leaf denoting vegetarian dish

Brik: A Tunision favorite, this fried turnover is made with filo pastry and filled with a delicious mixture of eggs and potatoes. It's seasoned with parsley, onions, and capers and served with lemon and harissa (a fiery North African hot sauce). For vegetarians, Brik can be made without the egg, if desired.leaf denoting vegetarian dish


Meshwiya: A savory salad of roasted, pureed bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions.leaf denoting vegetarian dish

North African Style Cucumber Salad: A light refreshing medley of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and green peppers seasoned to perfection.leaf denoting vegetarian dish

North African Carrot Salad: This exotic mixture of finely grated carrots delicately seasoned with rosewater and lemon, is tangy and slightly sweet.leaf denoting vegetarian dish

Pickled Carrots: An addictive dish of chunky carrot sliced pickled with North African spices of cumin and garlic.leaf denoting vegetarian dish

Main Courses

Mechoui: Grilled strips of tender lamb, slowly marinated in North African spices and garnished with parsley and finely chopped onions.

Merguez: Mildly spiced Tunisian-style beef sausage grilled to perfection and seasoned with coriander and garlic. Commonly served along with salads and Mechoui, Merguez is also great by itself, or tucked into a pita pocket.

Brochette: Kebabs are marinated Tunisian style, making the meal tender and flavorful, then skewered and grilled to perfection.

B'Stilla: This magnificent Moroccan savory pie is filled with scrambled eggs, shredded chicken breast, and almonds. It's baked in a tender flaky filo pastry and topped with powdered sugar and ground cinnamon. (B'Stilla can also be served without chicken & eggs. Please specify.) leaf denoting vegetarian dish

Lemon Chicken: A juicy whole chicken baked in its own juices and prepared with ginger, garlic, and paprika, then topped with preserved lemon slices, almonds, and plump green olives.

Honey Lamb: A traditional North African tagine (stew) of tender lamb shanks cooked slowly in a thick sauce of honey and raisins.

Lamb with Artichokes: Savory tagine (stew) of lamb simmered in its own juices, with artichoke hearts, sweet green peas and a blend of North Africa spices.

North African Style Fish: Tender poached filets of salmon (or catch of the day) topped with a generous helping of tomato-based vegetable stew and seasoned with cumin.

Couscous: The staple disk of North African cuisine, couscous is a dish of fluffy, steamed semolina topped with sauced fresh vegetables including squash, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and garbanzo beans.leaf denoting vegetarian dish For meat lovers, Brochettes or Tunisian-style meatballs made of ground beef seasoned with parsley and dred mint will be added. Please specify.

Tea and Dessert

Almond Cake: A North African dessert delicacy consisting of a light almond cake drenched in a tangy sweet sauce made with the essence of lemon and cinnamon (or dessert of the day).

Tea: A smooth, sweet mint tea serves as a soothing end to a sumptuous meal.


leaf denoting vegetarian dishDenotes vegetarian dishes or dishes that can be prepared vegetarian.
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